What Advantages Can Equipment Lease Financing Offer Your Business?

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Every business utilizes equipment. From small office spaces with computer; restaurants with ovens, fryers, and industrial dishwashers; fitness franchises with treadmills, stationary bikes, and elliptical machines; all the way up to large-scare manufacturing operations – all companies require equipment of some sort in order to operate. For the longest time, most business owners would buy equipment. That ownership meant they … Read More

Benefits of Leasing vs. Purchasing Equipment for Your Business

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Every business needs equipment. Every business owner needs to make sure they don’t pay too much money for that equipment. It’s important to consider all the pros and cons of equipment loans vs equipment leasing before making a decision.   Is the Equipment Need Temporary?   If you’re planning to use a piece of equipment temporarily, you may find that … Read More

Hotel Financing Options

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Hotel Financing

These days it is tougher for the majority of banks and lenders to approve financing hotels. Hotel financing has become a lending area that most banks scaled back since the 2008 crash in the economy. That was because there were so many hotels because of over building and when the industry took a dive in 2008, lenders were stuck with … Read More

Advantages of Using Loan Brokers When Looking for Financing

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Business Loan Broker

Advantages of Using Loan Brokers When Looking for Financing When you are looking for financing for your current or future company you can find that many advantages come with getting help from business loan brokers. By having a broker on your side you can improve your chances of finding the best terms and rates, have overall deal management, and utilize … Read More

Growing Your Business With An Unsecured Line Of Credit

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By: Bob Tannenhauser Growing your business requires many things. However, the main thing any business requires is capital. You need a reasonable amount of money to make your business into what you want it to be. One option to consider is an unsecured line of credit. This type of business line of credit can help you build the capital you … Read More

Risks Associated with Revenue Based Financing

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There are many things associated with new businesses that any entrepreneur needs to consider. One of the most important things you need to think about, however, is how to get your start up money. After all, it takes money to make money. One thing you should consider is a merchant cash advance, a process through which you are presented with … Read More