Growing Your Business In a Tight Money Market is More Challenging Than Asking your Banker for Financing

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You survived the Great Recession, your business is growing again and you see an opportunity to expand. But economic growth is painfully slow and your banker, the ultimate naysayer to rapid growth, refuses to stake your aggressive vision. One solution is franchising your business. “We had been in business for nearly a decade when we decided to franchise, converting our … Read More

Restaurant franchise industry booming

Jessica SarterFranchise Finance

Franchising has been an increasingly popular choice for entrepreneurs in the post-recessionary years, as this option yields significant benefits and lacks some of the common risks associated with starting a small business from scratch.

Franchising Can Mitigate Risk, Even For Riskier Industries

Jessica SarterFranchise Finance

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Restaurants are among the riskiest start-up businesses, even for experienced businesspersons. I financed several when I was in the commercial mortgage banking business and had abysmal results. All of the non-franchised restaurants failed within the first two years.   One restaurant failed after four months because the owner ran out of working capital. Another didn’t make it because of inadequate … Read More