Restaurant Finance Monitor interview with Mike Rozman

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ConnectOne Bancorp to Acquire BoeFly BY MARY JO LARSON “We were looking for an entrepreneurial bank,” said Mike Rozman, CEO and co-founder of online lending platform, BoeFly. “There aren’t a lot of them out there. We needed to find that leadership who thought entrepreneurially; it wasn’t going to work otherwise.” He’s speaking about the recent announcement that ConnectOne Bancorp will … Read More

Franchisor and Franchise Loan Journey –

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Excerpt from April 2019 Article on how brands rely on lending firms help franchise candidates and franchise brands secure the best loans.  Click read more to view the full article at  Got Funding? ApplePie and BoeFly Make Lending Better By: Eddy Goldberg Once upon a time (about 10 years ago), a franchisee in search of funding had few choices: … Read More

How Tier 2 and 3 Franchisees Are Funding Growth

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Last year, Karen Mills, former head of the Small Business Administration, heaped praise in the Harvard Business Review on a group of entrepreneurs she claimed were vital to America’s middle-class. Surprisingly, it wasn’t the bright people who’ve brought us Pandora, Uber and DoorDash. It was instead the folks who operate the roughly four million local enterprises that handle our daily … Read More

Franchise Finance Index Shows Denver residents have a better shot at getting a franchise

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Good news for Denver residents who are looking into owning a franchise, the credit scores of Denver residents are above average, which means that the odds of securing a financing are greater than typical. The averages are part of a new monthly report by Chicago-based 1851 Franchise online magazine and New York-based BoeFly. They two companies teamed up to provide … Read More

How bQual Could Rewrite Franchise Development

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BoeFly has introduced a new tool, bQual, which should transform the franchise development process by giving financial confidence to franchisees and prospects during the research and discovery period. bQual provides borrowers with key financial details, such as the SBSS by FICO (business credit score), FICO score, and financial assessment. “When we built bQual, it was with the idea that a … Read More

Franchise Today Episode

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On this episode of the Franchise Today podcast, host Stan Friedman welcomes BoeFly CEO and co-founder Mike Rozman as his featured guest. The interview covers a lot of ground, from the derivation of the BoeFly name to the development of the company from an online financing marketplace to a fully integrated franchise sales and financing system. Rozman also shares some … Read More

BoeFly’s Partnership With Papa Murphy’s on New Program Featured

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Papa Murphy’s and BoeFly were recently featured on 1851, which covered the remarkable new program that resulted in a 14-times higher lead-to-sale conversion rate as a result of engagement with BoeFly’s bQual financing assessment report. The results are clear that those Papa Murphy’s franchise prospects who gleaned the financial confidence from generating a bQual report early in the process ended … Read More