Five Creative Ways to Fund Your Business

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1851 Magazine

Ben Heineman of 1851 Franchise Project sat down with Co-Founder, Co-President, and COO David Nayor to find out his thoughts on what entrepreneurs can do to launch their dream. David recommends a mix of technology and word of mouth to bolster your business.  Read the full interview here.

A Novel Idea for Putting Sidelined Cash to Work

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by Andrew J. Sherman (originally published in the Harvard Business Review)  |   8:00 AM September 4, 2012 It is well established that America’s largest companies have been stockpiling cash over the past 24 months at alarming rates. Estimates range from $1.5 trillion to $2.8 trillion depending on who’s counting, but we can all agree, it’s a boatload of cash. And … Read More

BoeFly pairs franchisees with loans

Jessica SarterBoeFly In The News, Successful Fundings has been described as the for lenders and franchisees. And many of its pairings have indeed ended up in marriages: Money granted to entrepreneurs. This fall, Robert Gallo plans to open a Saladworks franchise, a made-to-order salad eatery, in his hometown of Ridgewood with a $430,000 loan he received by using BoeFly. He secured a loan with Conestoga Bank in … Read More

Franchising’s $2 Billion Lending Gap, and a New Plan to Fill It

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What’s keeping the U.S. economy in the doldrums? One answer: Aspiring franchise owners can’t get the business loans they need to open the doors. Many of these franchises are fast-food restaurants or retail stores that would hire workers. That hiring is being stifled by the small-business lending logjam. Many SBA-backed loans for franchise startups traditionally were secured by the franchise owner’s home … Read More

Franchising Is Safer for Lenders and Entrepreneurs

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Charles Green

Franchises are a “pre-tested business model, (have an) operating plan and playbook with which to run the business,”  Charles Green said at a webinar. He is the founder of the Small Business Finance Institute, an author and former chief executive of a community bank. Green presented an online program called, “What You Need to Know to Underwrite Franchise Loans.” Coleman Publishingproduced the event for small-business … Read More

Financing tool plays matchmaker for businesses, lenders

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By Ross Boettcher WORLD-HERALD STAFF WRITER When Stephanie and Wesley Klaus started looking for a business loan they needed to launch Omaha’s first Lenny’s Sub Shop franchise, they quickly became overwhelmed. Those two months came and went in a hurry, and nine months later, the Klauses were still searching for answers after three approved financing deals crumbled at the last minute, … Read More

Franchise lending up 6 percent year over year

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In connection with the Index, BoeFly explored the distribution of loans to new franchise units versus existing locations. For each of the previous two years, the percentage of loans extended to new franchise units remained steady at 47 percent. However, a closer analysis reveals that several franchise sectors and sub-sectors experienced an uptick in new-unit loan volume throughout the last … Read More

How a U.S. Factory Survived the Recession

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American Express OPEN Forum

U.S. manufacturers have had it hard enough fending off competition from foreign producers who promise to do cheaper, faster work. Then came the 2008 recession that dealt many a death blow. But some American factories have managed to survive these twin threats. Essential Sealing Products is one example. Thanks to continual innovation, a commitment to best practices and some hard choices, the … Read More

Is Startup Lending On The Rebound?

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Restaurant Finance Monitor

The lending market has gradually, if slowly, improved since the credit crisis in 2008, with some borrowers, notably large ones, benefiting the most. There’s been one exception: startups. Someone starting a new franchise location has had about as much luck getting a loan as they’d have winning the lottery. But there is some evidence that is starting to change. According to … Read More

Fro-yo, burger joints turn out for franchise expo

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The three-day inaugural International Franchise Expo at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, which had been held in Washington D.C., started at Javits on Friday. The perpetually hungry crowds who can anoint a restaurant with their patronage make the market worth venturing into, in spite of intense competition that drives up rents and other expenses. High expenses, combined with the … Read More