SBA CARES Act: Paycheck Protection Program Loan Update

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BoeFly, the leading loan marketplace for the past 10 years, will host daily live webinars to explain the latest updates to the SBA CARE LOAN, signed into law on 3/16/2020. You qualify if you were an established business on March 1 and have fewer than 500 employees (500/location in the restaurant industry). The webinar will cover: Loan program details Next … Read More

FAQ about the new SBA rule change impacting franchising

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As of 2017, an SBA lending rule change has been put in place for SBA franchise loans. All franchisors must sign an addendum with the franchise borrower in order for the borrower to secure an SBA loan for the franchise. This addendum supersedes the franchise agreement. Franchisors are no longer required to be on the franchise registry. Read this FAQ to learn more.

Cyber Attacks on Small Business Increase–Costing an Average of $8,699 Per Attack

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Guardian Network Solutions

Cyber attacks on small business have tripled since 2011, according to the Symantec Internet Security Threat Report. The cost to small businesses for each attack average $8,699 according to the 2013 Small Business Technology Survey. According to a report in Entrepreneur Magazines Trends 2014 edition, the use of personal mobile devices in the work place exposes companies to increased exposure … Read More