Fueling Rapid Growth Enterprises

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White Paper on Job Creation and Access to Credit in the United States For Small and Medium-Sized Businesses That Are Rich in Intangible Assets Andrew J. Sherman According a survey by BoeFly.com — a lending marketplace that connects small business and commercial borrowers with more than 2,000 banks and lenders nationwide — most small businesses (which are 95 percent of … Read More

The “Crowd” Can Inject Up To $1 Million Cash Equity Into Your Business and Also Increase its Borrowing Power

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My niece, Kiki Karpus, donates small amounts of money to start-up and emerging businesses that she admires. You may recall that I blogged about the art director and graphic designer last month. Furthermore, her investments are not for financial compensation. Rather, she and other well-educated, young professionals are part of a burgeoning  phenomenon called “crowdfunding.” According to the U.S. Small … Read More

Pair of reports reveal strong retail, export performances in 2012

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The performance of the retail sector is often a solid indicator of the overall economic health in the United States, mostly as a result of the two biggest facets that fuel results – consumer spending and business success. In several recent reports, the retail sector had shown signs of life, outpacing other industries in several categories. Though the Federal Reserve … Read More

Prominent Team of Small Business Lending Professionals Will Be Offering Loan Guarantees to Boost Job Creation

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The U.S. Small Business Administration bridges the gap between qualified loan applicants and those that fall marginally below the benchmarks set by its approved lenders — each lender having their own underwriting criteria. Some use average financial ratios published by Risk Management Association. Others accept comparative data from industry trade associations. And still others base their underwriting on the experience … Read More