Husband and Wife Open Koko FitClub

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Koko FitClub Exterior

Ruben and Meraris Brignoni were uniquely well situated to embrace the technologically unique approach provided by Koko FitClub and open a new franchise location in their Florida area. They both had strong backgrounds in health and nutrition and were determined to own and run their own business. Luckily for them, Koko is a BoeFly member and harnesses that partnership regularly … Read More

Burger 21 Franchisee Secures Financing

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Wade and Parisa Googe first started thinking about opening a restaurant back in October of 2014. They found both that opportunity and support in Burger 21, a gourmet hamburger franchise concept that is growing quickly throughout the country. Having never owned a restaurant before, they wanted to make sure they pursued an opportunity that would give them all the support … Read More

Homewatch CareGivers Franchisees in Arizona Secure Financing

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Homewatch CareGivers

As individuals who know all too well what it means to care for those you love, Michael and Eva Stinson decided to open a Homewatch CareGivers to give other families support for their loved ones. The Stinson’s knew that getting start-up financing for a Homewatch CareGivers would be difficult and didn’t know where to turn. Luckily for the Stinson’s Homewatch … Read More

Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt Franchisees Secure Financing Through BoeFly

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orange leaf

Multi-unit Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt franchisees in Cincinatti, Ohio recently secured debt financing they needed from a lender they met through BoeFly’s online marketplace. After working with a dedicated BoeFly loan representative to build a complete, lender-ready financing request, the franchisees were able to tend to their yogurt businesses while their BoeFly representative triage’d the loan package with those lenders … Read More

Fitzgerald Couple Secures SBA Loan Through BoeFly to Open Meineke Franchise

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Becoming a franchisee is no small task, no matter what level of experience. Even with 25 years of combined management experience, Ciaran and Christina Fitzgerald still needed guidance when it came to securing the financing they needed to open their own Meineke franchise location. Because the couple decided to work closely with BoeFly’s financing experts throughout the process, they were … Read More

Little Gym Franchisee Secures SBA Loan with Help of BoeFly

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Like many new franchisees, Amy Reid was apprehensive when it came to exploring the option of opening her own franchise location of The Little Gym. While she was eager to open up shop, she was also unsure of how to go about finding financing, nervous that banks would not be interested or willing to provide her with the business loan … Read More

Meineke Franchisee Obtains Startup Loan via BoeFly

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Chris Johnson is just the most recent in a steady stream of new Meineke franchisees to harness the speed and efficiency of BoeFly’s online marketplace to successfully secure the debt financing necessary to open a new franchise location in the United States. Chris worked closely with a BoeFly loan expert to create a complete, bank-ready financing request and was then … Read More

The Little Gym Franchisee Secures Loan Through BoeFly

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Amy Reid, a new The Little Gym franchisee in West Boylston, MA, will be opening her doors next week thanks in large part to an SBA loan that she was able to source and secure through a connection she made via BoeFly. Amy was issued a loan proposal for her The Little Gym from Stearns Bank out of Minnesota within … Read More

Meineke Franchisees Secure Bank Financing Through BoeFly’s Online Loan Exchange

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BoeFly and Driven Brands recently announced the successful funding of Ciaran and Christina Fitzgerald, new Meineke franchisees in Lenoir City, Tennessee. Driven Brands deploys BoeFly as its financing solution for new franchisees in need of securing small business loans to startup their new locations, and the Fitzgeralds were able to get to work right away with their dedicated BoeFly representative … Read More

Wings Etc. Franchisee Secures Financing Through BoeFly

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Chris Niedbalski, a Wings Etc. franchisee from Fishers, Indiana, secured financing with a lender he met through BoeFly, the online marketplace for small business lending. With assistance from BoeFly loan specialists, Niedbalski packaged and posted his loan request to BoeFly’s online exchange platform. Once posted, his loan request connected him with several interested lenders, but he ultimately decided to close … Read More