BoeFly Featured As September’s Cover Story Of The Franchise Times

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BoeFly in The Franchise Times

BoeFly was featured as this month’s cover story for The Franchise Times: ‘How BoeFly Plans To Finance The Masses’ by Beth Ewen.

The feature outlines how BoeFly is taking the initiative to help ordinary business owners looking to open a lessor-known franchise with the needed the financial support, that they may not otherwise obtain through the franchisor.


It’s BoeFly’s mission to match every borrower with lenders willing to make a loan”


BoeFly in The Franchise Times

BoeFly’s matchmaking platform for the lending world has not only opened up alternative options for borrowers but also speeds the application and approval process along making it more efficient for the borrower and the lender.

Ewen reports on BoeFly’s mission to centralize the loan process for small business borrowers so that they are obligated to go bank to bank looking for financing.

Not to mention, BoeFly’s technology has created a competitive marketplace so that borrowers may find the best match for their request as well as the best rates and terms.

Small business & franchise borrowers are able to watch in real time how many lenders are viewing their application, which lenders are making an offer, and then selecting one with the best package.


“BoeFly makes capital access available to everyone, We’re democratizing the process.” 


Download the full story, here: How BoeFly Plans to Finance the Masses – FT Article