Franchise Lending Trends 2012 Review: BoeFly Delivers Stats

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Originally published in Franchise Direct.  Read the original article here.

By: Holly Lewis

Access to credit continues to be one of the primary interests of franchise partners and each year there are trends that highlight which sectors and banks are receiving the most lending overall, including Small Business Association (SBA) loans.  With Boefly’s latest franchise lending index, we can consider some of the noteworthy lending stats in 2012.

– Top states receiving over $250 million in funding through SBA loans include California and Texas, with runners up in Georgia and Florida receiving between $100 and   $150 million in loans throughout 2012

– 504 Loans with a focus on real estate transactions were at a $1,079,917,000 in 2012 vs. 7A loans, which are the more commonly distributed SBA loan package at $1,512,831,721

– HANMI and US Banks both featured highest lending activity by far, with over $100 million and $70 million in loans for 2012, respectively

– Which segments received the most loan attention overall?  Due to the size of the venture, hotels and motels figured highly in terms of the amount received via lenders, as well as the number of locations actually receiving support through loans.

-Which segments came up after hotels and motels for number receiving lending?  Sandwich and subs franchises followed by pizza industry locations received a sizable amount of lending attention, as well as gasoline stations.

What remains an area of interest is how SBA loan funding will be dispersed throughout the US going forward and whether access to funding for a greater variety of franchise industries will pick up steam.  Keeping an eye on such figures and which industries are most commonly receiving SBA loans can help franchise professionals to gain an overall image of the lending environment they may be stepping into, and which trends are in effect within the franchise industry as each year passes.