BoeFly’s Partnership With Papa Murphy’s on New Program Featured

Jessica SarterBoeFly In The News


Papa Murphy’s and BoeFly were recently featured on 1851, which covered the remarkable new program that resulted in a 14-times higher lead-to-sale conversion rate as a result of engagement with BoeFly’s bQual financing assessment report. The results are clear that those Papa Murphy’s franchise prospects who gleaned the financial confidence from generating a bQual report early in the process ended up converting to franchisees dramatically more often than those who did not generate the report.

“The job of franchise sales is to ensure the candidate has clear information to make a decision,” said Tipp. “By offering bQual, a few key things occur: First, our brand is giving the lead something of monetary value, which we expect helps with engagement. Second, the lead gets objective data on how banks will judge them, so it instills confidence that they are fundable—this gets them through the process quicker. Third, the lead started on the financing process earlier, which leads to quicker financing—this helps speed up the opening date.”

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