BoeFly Helps Connect Cozy Inn Motel Owner Secure Refinancing

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Stockton, California- BoeFly recently assisted Cozy Motel Inn owners; Kanaiyala and Hina Upadhyay with securing a loan to help refinance and consolidate their business debt. Michael Cordero, Principal of Cordero Capital Partners Inc. helped the husband and wife team using BoeFly technology to complete the loan package, as well as find the best rates and terms for their refinancing.

cordero quoteBoeFly’s matchmaking software bringing lenders and borrowers together, is built to provide a more efficient way to secure financing for small and startup business, that otherwise might struggle obtaining a loan through a bank directly. See here, for more on the success story and the full press release: Cozy Inn Motel Owners in Stockton, California Successfully Refinance Their Loan Through Online Matchmaker