New Business Owners Use BoeFly To Secure Startup loan For A Kiddie Academy® Child Care Center

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In January 2014, BoeFly connected small business borrowers with a bank in Georgia for a start up business loan to open a childcare center

“With our finance backgrounds, we knew what was involved in getting a small business loan, but that the process of going from bank to bank is tedious and antiquated,” said Deepak Vazirani. “Fortunately, Kiddie Academy® recommended we try BoeFly, saving us time and allowing us to focus on the other aspects of starting a business.”


Shortly after submitting their funding request to BoeFly, the Vazirani’s received multiple offers from lenders all over the country. After comparing rates and terms, they decided to work with Dana Campbell, Vice President, Business Development Officer at First Chatham Bank.

BoeFly’s lending platform allowed the Vazirani’s to connect with Campbell regardless of First Chatham bank being more than 400 miles away from their location. Without BoeFly, the two wouldn’t have had the opportunity of connecting and working together as easily.


“This is now the second bank I have worked at, where I have leveraged BoeFly to efficiently connect with borrowers that fit my credit box. First Chatham is eager to connect with more qualified borrowers like the Vazirani’s through BoeFly.” Said Campbell.


The Kiddie Academy® franchise makes it a point to offer their franchisees all the resources available in order to support them in the opening and running of their child care center.

“This success story proves the efficiency of BoeFly in getting our franchisees connected with the right lenders as conveniently as possible, and we will continue to promote it as an effective resource.” said Susan Wise, CFO and COO of Kiddie Academy.


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