Cattle Hauling and Raising Business Owner in Western Idaho Secures $369,000 Loan to Refinance

Jessica SarterPress Releases, Successful Fundings


BoeFly connects a small business borrower with a bank for a loan to refinance his cattle hauling and raising business

BoeFly announced today that the owner of a cattle hauling and raising business in Western Idaho secured a conventional refinancing loan of $369,000 through a connection made by BoeFly.

In obtaining the refinancing loan, Craig Vogel a professional loan broker, worked with the business owner to create a complete loan package on BoeFly, which was then compatibility matched to 14 of BoeFly’s more than 2,200 lenders who requested access to the full loan package. Vogel came to BoeFly as a graduate of Commercial Capital Training Group (CCTG), a leader in providing comprehensive training for entrepreneurs entering the commercial finance marketplace.

“As a professional loan broker, I work hard to position my clients in front of a wide array of lenders, and that is why I use BoeFly,” Vogel said.

“We have designed our training program to give our graduates the best opportunity for success,” said Mr. Jon Consentino, the General Manager of CCTG. “Beyond the training, our graduates also get a one-year membership to BoeFly as part of their tuition because we recognize that brokers who use BoeFly achieve more success for their clients.”