BoeFly and Franchise Gator Partner To Provide Free Access to Fundability Wizard and Loan Center

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BoeFly offers its Fundability Tool and full access to the Loan Center to Franchise Gator customers. Franchise Gator, the leading website for franchise lead generation, contains profiles of over 1,000 franchise and business opportunities from various industries. The partnership between Franchise Gator and BoeFly will offer prospective franchisees with access to Franchise Gator’s extensive list of franchise and business opportunities, to the Fundability Tool powered by BoeFly, and to the Loan Center’s services creating bank-ready financing requests. BoeFly and Franchise Gator equip potential small business owners with the resources to find the right franchise and financing opportunities for their personalized preferences.

“Franchise Gator provides an invaluable tool connecting entrepreneurs with the right franchise,” said Mike Rozman, Co-President of BoeFly. “BoeFly is proud to partner with Franchise Gator to assist franchisees in obtaining financing. It’s nice to know that through BoeFly’s system, we are doing our part to help business growth and job creation.”

Prospective franchisees can visit the Franchise Gator website to research potential franchise opportunities. Through BoeFly’s new partnership with Franchise Gator, BoeFly will power Franchise Gator’s Fundability Wizard which gives potential franchisees an idea of how fundable their business venture is according to the preferences of the 5,000 lenders within BoeFly’s lender network. In addition to access to the Fundability Wizard, franchisees also gain access to the Franchise Gator Loan Center. The Loan Center assists franchisees to build bank-ready financing requests to be posted on BoeFly’s online loan exchange. BoeFly’s proprietary technology will match the preferences disclosed in the financing requests with the lending criteria of participating banks.

“We recognize that a core problem for prospective business owners looking to open a franchise is financing. We found that BoeFly provides the best solution for connecting business owners with lenders,” said Farrah Kennedy, General Manager of Franchise Gator.“With the information gathered on BoeFly’s Fundability Tool, we will also be able to better match prospects to the right opportunity at the right time.”

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