Great Clips Franchisee in Northern New Jersey Secures Start-Up Loan to Open Salon

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BoeFly connects an Edgewater, New Jersey borrower with a Pennsylvania bank to help finance her first Great Clips franchise, which opened April 27th

Karen Abrams, a Great Clips franchisee in Edgewater, New Jersey secured a start-up loan from a Pennsylvania bank to finance the opening of her first franchise as a result of a connection made by BoeFly.  In addition to being an entrepreneur, Abrams is an attorney representing small business owners. She learned about BoeFly after Great Clips recommended the platform as an effective financing resource.

 “From my experience, BoeFly is the most efficient way for a small business owner to seek and secure bank financing,” Abrams said. “I chose Great Clips because they support their franchisees, and the fact that they recommend BoeFly to help me and others speaks volumes.

When Abrams submitted her loan request to BoeFly, she received 13 requests from banks to view her complete loan package and ultimately chose a branch in Pennsylvania.

“I never would have found the bank without BoeFly,” she said. “The multiple funding options I had in front of me allowed me to secure my loan under the best possible terms.”

Great Clips is among more than 125 franchise brands that have selected BoeFly to assist its franchisees in obtaining bank financing.

“The large number of success stories among our franchisees says a great deal about the immense value of BoeFly’s service in helping the Great Clips brand grow across the country,” said Steve Overholser, CFO of Great Clips. “Hearing stories like Karen’s reconfirms why it is so critical to offer financing support to all of our franchisees, and we will keep the momentum going by continuing to promote BoeFly as an invaluable resource.”

“Great Clips has consistently shown an active commitment to supporting its franchisees throughout the entire process, including financing,” said Mike Rozman, Co-president of BoeFly. “It is always wonderful to learn about another success story, which in turn helps to drive small business growth and create new jobs. We look forward to continuing to work with franchisors like Great Clips in helping to support their franchisees.”

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