Husband-and-Wife TCBY Franchisees in Ralston, Neb. Secure Start-up Financing Through BoeFly

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Thomas and Kara Negley, first-time business owners and new franchisees of TCBY in Ralston, Neb., secured a start-up loan from Centennial Bank in Omaha through a connection made by BoeFly.

The new TCBY location is scheduled to open in February 2013. TCBY (The Country’s Best Yogurt), part of Famous Brands International, is an international franchise chain of frozen yogurt stores and the largest U.S. retailer of soft-serve frozen yogurt with live active cultures.

Prior to taking the path of franchise ownership, Thomas Negley worked in the insurance industry and has a background in firefighting equipment sales. He also served as a volunteer firefighter.

“Kara and I knew that to be able to start a business for the first time, we would need adequate financing, and TCBY pointed us to BoeFly,” Thomas Negley said. “We had a great experience using the platform, where our loan package received competitive funding offers, and it allowed us to connect with a nearby bank with which we can build a lasting relationship.”

After receiving several funding offers, Thomas and Kara decided to work with Stephanie Smith, assistant vice president and relationship manager at Centennial Bank in Omaha.

“At Centennial Bank, we have found BoeFly to be a highly efficient, proven tool in helping us originate loans and connect with qualified borrowers such as Thomas and Kara Negley,” Smith said. “On BoeFly I found a complete loan package that allowed me to move quickly with this deal, and we are pleased to now have a relationship with the Negleys.”

“Although small business ownership presents an excellent opportunity, credit access issues often get in the way for prospective business owners,” Rozman said. “Fortunately, BoeFly has helped Thomas and Kara Negley and many others efficiently secure the financing needed to start or grow their businesses, and we look forward to continuing to work with qualified borrowers and supportive franchisors like TCBY.”

Centennial Bank recently funded another deal through BoeFly, helping Lenny’s Sub Shop franchisees Stephanie and Wesley Klaus connect with Rod Reisen, a vice president of business banking at Centennial Bank.

Thomas and Kara used BoeFly at the recommendation of TCBY, which is one of more than 125 franchisors that have selected the platform to assist franchisees in obtaining bank financing.Mike Rozman, BoeFly’s co-president, views this success story as an uplifting solution to the widespread issue of small business credit access in the U.S.