Jackson Hewitt Tax Service® Franchisee in Berwyn Secures $15,000 Expansion Loan Through BoeFly

Jessica SarterPress Releases, Successful Fundings

BoeFly connects a Berwyn, Ill. borrower with New York-based World Business Lenders for a $15,000 working capital expansion loan

As part of its ongoing mission to help connect small business borrowers with lenders, BoeFly announced today that that Genaro Toro, a Jackson Hewitt Tax Service franchisee in Berwyn, Ill., secured a working capital expansion business loan of $15,000 for his franchise from World Business Lenders in New York, N.Y. through a connection made by BoeFly.

After Toro posted his complete loan request and supporting documents onto BoeFly’s online platform, 12 lenders requested to view the deal. After evaluating his options, Toro decided to work with World Business Lenders, a non-bank lender offering short-term small business loans of up to one year.

“World Business Lenders is focused solely on making working capital available to eligible small businesses for expansion and growth, and we are always looking for ways to more efficiently identify borrowers,” said Kerry Brecker, managing director at World Business Lenders. “We found BoeFly to be an invaluable resource in connecting us with Genaro Toro, whose business is located 800 miles away.”

Mike Rozman, BoeFly’s co-president, views this success story as an uplifting solution to the widespread issue of small business credit access in the U.S.

“Genaro Toro’s story speaks to a common issue in today’s tight small business credit market, as many qualified small business owners nationwide find challenges in efficiently accessing the capital they need to grow their businesses,” said Rozman. “Fortunately, BoeFly has helped Genaro and many others efficiently secure financing, and we look forward to continuing to work with qualified franchisees, reputable lenders like World Business Lenders and franchisors such as Jackson Hewitt to help drive small business growth and create new jobs.”

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