Toppers Pizza Franchisee Secures SBA Loan Through BoeFly

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Franchisee Myron Allen secured an SBA loan through BoeFly, the online marketplace for business lending, and takes one step closer to opening his very own Toppers Pizza. With locations in Illinois, Minnesota, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and North Carolina, Toppers Pizza is quickly expanding its presence in the U.S. However, many franchisees, like Myron Allen, interested in becoming small business owners face the difficult challenge of securing loans. BoeFly offers franchisees the opportunity to reach thousands of lenders with one loan request on its Internet-based loan exchange. By working with BoeFly, Allen was connected with Olmstead National Bank and both parties experienced a more efficient process as well as received higher revenues.

“I am excited to open my new Toppers Pizza,” said franchisee Myron Allen of Rochester, MN.

“BoeFly was easy to use, and I was impressed with the lender matches. I’m grateful that Toppers Pizza positioned me to access BoeFly to clear this critical hurdle,” said Allen, “and I’m thrilled to have found Olmstead National Bank through BoeFly.”

BoeFly offers franchisees a portfolio of services that streamlines the bank financing process. Loan experts at BoeFly work with franchisees like Allen to create effective loan requests for lenders to view. BoeFly’s lenders instantly receive notifications when borrowers with their preselected, personalized preferences posts a deal. Therefore, franchisees only spend their time speaking with lenders with a genuine interest in financing their business. BoeFly’s proprietary technology creates these lender-borrower matches and takes the guess work out of obtaining financing for small businesses. Then, entrepreneurs have the opportunity to invest the majority of their time into managing their business endeavors.

“Toppers Pizza pointed Allen to BoeFly where he was guided through building a bank-ready financing request and was matched with eight interested lenders. We look forward to our continuing to work with Toppers Pizza in helping to support its franchises,” said Mike Rozman, Co-President of BoeFly.

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