It’s National Pizza Week!

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National Pizza Week
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It’s only fitting that Pizza, certainly the nation’s most popular dining option, is celebrated with its own week on the calendar.  That’s right…it’s National Pizza Week and the BoeFly team joins in the excitement by sharing tales from just a few of the fantastic pizza restaurants we supported in their successful search for financing.  We recommend that you don’t start reading until you grab yourself a big slice of your favorite pizza.


Ribbon Cutting at Papa Murphy's


“When we decided to expand and open a second store, Sharon and I wanted the process of seeking an expansion loan to be as efficient as possible, and Papa Murphy’s was very helpful in positioning BoeFly as a resource that helped us connect with a bank and secure the financing we needed,” said Mark Slaughenhoupt. “We look forward to opening our second location and bringing quality take-and-bake pizzas to our customers.”




Boston’s Pizza – Spokane, WA

Gary Knudson of Spokane WA is a successful franchisee of Boston’s The Gourmet Pizza franchise who wanted to refinance his business debt. Gary knew that every minute he spent looking for a loan was a minute he wasn’t focused on his restaurant and guests. Fortunately for Gary his franchise system was a member of BoeFly.

Boston’s The Gourmet Pizza franchise pointed Gary to BoeFly’s marketplace, ultimately allowing him to secure a loan from a local lender. “Thanks to BoeFly’s convenient service, I was able to connect with Washington Trust Bank, a lender right in my area.”



Toppers Pizza - Rochester, MN

Myron Allen of Rochester, MN was excited to open his new Topper’s Pizza, a fast growing pizza franchise, but needed to secure financing. Fortunately, Myron selected a franchise system that supports franchisees throughout the entire process – including financing. Toppers pointed Myron to BoeFly where he was guided through building a bank-ready financing request and matched with eight interested lenders.

Myron secured an SBA loan from a local lender and is on schedule to open his first Toppers. “BoeFly was easy to use and I was impressed with the lender matches. I’m grateful that Toppers positioned me to access BoeFly and clear this critical hurdle.”



Jets Pizza - Destin, FL


“We had been looking to open a Jet’s Pizza and knew financing could be an issue,” said franchisee Nicholas Borst of Destin, Florida. “Fortunately, our research took us to BoeFly, where we were connected with Atlantic Coast Bank that made the loan so we can get this project started. It made the tedious process of connecting with multiple lenders easy and efficient.”




So roll out the dough and get yourself a slice to celebrate National Pizza Week.