Start-Up Loan For Kennedy’s Cuts in Atlanta Secured On BoeFly

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A new franchisee in Atlanta secured a loan through BoeFly, the online lending marketplace connecting business borrowers and lenders.

In this case, despite the fact that the hair salon business was a start-up, the borrower secured an SBA loan to cover start-up costs such as building out their location and initial working capital.  “What’s nice about a franchise deal, is a lender can underwrite that business by looking at the history of the franchise,” said Mike Rozman, BoeFly Co-President.  The business owner efficiently built a financing request and connected with a wide array of lenders in their community and across the country.  In the end they secured their loan from a lender in another state, something they couldn’t have done efficiently without BoeFly.


Kennedy’s Cuts in Atlanta Finds Start-up Financing:  Radio Interview

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