Burger 21 Franchisee Secures Financing

Jessica SarterSuccess Stories


Wade and Parisa Googe first started thinking about opening a restaurant back in October of 2014. They found both that opportunity and support in Burger 21, a gourmet hamburger franchise concept that is growing quickly throughout the country. Having never owned a restaurant before, they wanted to make sure they pursued an opportunity that would give them all the support they needed to succeed.

The Googes formed a strong and meaningful partnership with the franchise development team at Burger 21 and decided to pursue opening a location in Frisco, TX. They got the support they were looking for in many forms, not least of which was financing — Burger 21 connected the new franchisees with BoeFly early on so that their financing process was as efficient and easy as possible. With the help of BoeFly’s matching technology and dedicated team of small business loan experts, Wade and Parisa were able to connect with a variety of potential lenders before ultimately executing a loan agreement with the bank of their choice.

The Frisco location opened last week and enjoyed immediate popularity and fanfare. Wade and Parisa’s story pre-Burger 21 was filled with some tough obstacles and uphill climbs; it’s looking like this new chapter in their lives is holding out promise for great success.

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