MaidPro Franchisee Secures Loan Through BoeFly

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With 27-years of work experience within the healthcare field, specifically delivering paraprofessional service throughout New York, Noel Serrano gained an understanding of how to manage employees effectively, while still embracing a team atmosphere conducive to great work. While Serrano continued to grow throughout his career in healthcare, he wanted to build on his experience in a way that allowed him to draw from both his formal business background as well as his social stratification studies.

After researching various franchise brands and management structures, Serrano found that MaidPro was not only a brand that is an industry leader, but one with a genuine desire to serve its clients. While Serrano was excited about the prospect of opening his own MaidPro franchise, he knew he would need help when it came to securing proper financing. That’s when he turned to BoeFly. Serrano knew BoeFly was a lending solution that has proven effective at connecting franchisees to lenders. Shortly after signing up, Serrano was connected to a lender who helped him secure financing to open a MaidPro franchise.

“BoeFly and their bQual tool have proven to be effective in educating franchisees upfront about their finaceability. We were able to have very substantive and serious conversations with Noel Serrano from the very beginning because both Noel and MaidPro knew he was a great financial candidate thanks to bQual. BoeFly gives us the ability to foster strong, transparent, and supportive relationships with our franchisees right from the get-go,” said Chuck Lynch, Vice President, Planning & Development at MaidPro Franchise Corporation.

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