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Please see our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for complete information.

What is BoeFly’s procedure for keeping information posted on the website and The Marketplace secure? BoeFly uses high-grade data encryption via SSL certification.

If I use BoeFly for document management and storage will the information and documents that I post be backed up? Yes, is hosted on a secure dedicated platform. The BoeFly platform has multiple redundancies, including full daily backups.

Can anyone view the supporting documents and proprietary information for loans posted to The Marketplace? No, your loan postings, related information and supporting documentation are managed by you under your own password-protected account. Loan request information entered and saved in BoeFly’s SmartForm can only be viewed by you and the support team at BoeFly for purposes of providing support and maintenance. When you are ready to post your financing request to The Marketplace, browsing members of your posting(s) can initially only see high-level, non-borrower specific details. All requests by lenders to view loan details and supporting documentation are handled by you the posting member. And, the ultimate decision to grant access to lenders to view the complete details of your posted request is managed by you.

Are loan sales on BoeFly’s secondary market binding? No, the sale and purchase of loans on BoeFly’s secondary marketplace are non-binding request for bids. BoeFly does not act as settlement or transfer agent and does not represent or qualify the validity of loan details or postings for sale. However, the selling member, through the acceptance of the BoeFly Terms of Service, represents that the loans that are posted through their accounts are valid loans for sale. And the buying member, through acceptance of the BoeFly Terms of Service, represents that they are qualified to purchase loans. Standard trade confirmations are issued by the buying member outside of; the trade confirmation is the binding action.

What are the membership fees? Membership fees are priced per user and access level. From the homepage, choose the user type that best fits your specialty. A secondary page will detail the products and services available with your membership in addition to associated pricing.

How are fees charged and membership payment made? Fees are charged monthly and are recurring for the term of your membership. The easiest method of payment is by credit card.

Will my personal information be sold or dispersed to anyone outside of BoeFly? BoeFly respects your privacy. We are not collecting your information for the purpose of selling or transferring any personal information collected from its members to third parties. The information is collected to operate the service. You should read our Privacy Policy to fully understand how we handle information.

What if I forget my user-name and password? To retrieve your login credentials click the “forgot password” button on the login page. Enter your email address and click the “send password” button. Your login credentials will be sent to you. If you experience any other login issues please send an email to

How can I learn to use BoeFly? BoeFly offers live demonstrations and online tutorials on the homepage. Once a member, BoeFly offers in-depth training and customer support for its members.

How can I receive BoeFly’s market insight updates? BoeFly provides regular content-specific market insight updates and news and events through email alerts. To receive these email alerts, please sign up from the “Boe Knows” section on the homepage.

How is BoeFly different from other loan origination websites? BoeFly uses cutting-edge proprietary compatibility scoring to match borrowers and lenders quickly and efficiently. For a single subscription fee, members have unlimited access to BoeFly’s marketplaces, tools and services. BoeFly does not seek a per transaction fee.

What if I need help while I am using BoeFly? Each part of the BoeFly continuum has a help section and navigation with explicit instructions. If your questions are not answered, please email

How long is the membership subscription? Membership to BoeFly is based on an annual subscription which starts at the later of initial registration or credit card authorization. Membership is automatically renewable unless written notice is sent to BoeFly prior to thirty (30) days from the anniversary of the initial registration/authorization date.

What is the membership cancellation policy? Annual memberships may not be cancelled during their term; however, you may terminate your membership prior to the automatic renewal of your membership by providing written notice to BoeFly within thirty (30) days prior to the anniversary date of your initial registration/authorization date.

What if I don’t see my question answered in this FAQ document? You can submit your question to and a membership representative will contact you shortly.