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Franchisor Reviews of BoeFly

"We have multiple deals that are in various stages of term sheets, commitment letters. Most recently we had a franchisee who closed their loan in the state of WA with a local lender that she built her relationship with BoeFly. She closed in late fall and her Academy is due to open in the next week or two."

Lene Steleman, Controller, Kiddie Academy

"We really like using financing as a competitive advantage against other brands…BoeFly is a great source for us and our franchisees because it gives us access to a whole bunch more lenders and it helps get our franchisees bank ready."

Kevin King, Chief Development Officer, Papa Murphy’s Take ‘N’ Bake Pizza

"Just like offering operational handbooks, offering best practices, you have to give them financing assistance, its paramount to success. BoeFly has been great. We've had both new franchisees and transfer franchisees who really struggle with getting financing until they started working with the BoeFly portal."

Paul Pickett, VP of Franchise Development, Wild Birds Unlimited

"A majority of our franchisees do not come to the table fully funded for one of our franchises...BoeFly has been a great tool for us...BoeFly is our program lender."

Charles Watson, VP of Franchise Development, Tropical Smoothie Cafe

"When a franchise candidate asks us if we have any access to capital, we commonly point them to BoeFly. BoeFly has been successful a handful of times in helping our franchisees match with lenders."

Scott Gittrich, President Toppers Pizza

"One of our franchisees was refinancing with one of the larger lending institutions as his loan was coming up on a balloon payment. We directed him to BoeFly and he actually partnered with a lender right in his hometown. He went through the BoeFly process, filled out one application broadcast to hundreds of lenders and it was ironic that it ended up with a lender in his hometown."

Jim Brumleve, VP of Finance Boston's The Gourmet Pizza