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"BoeFly has helped up locate several worthy opportunities. I recommend that any serious banker who is looking to efficiently find new business clients use BoeFly."

Deryl Schuster, President of Midwest Community Bank

"We've closed 3 or 4 loans [with BoeFly]. We've been able to access people that we normally would not be able to. Its a good marketing tool with no marketing costs. We recently did a Hardee's loan in Iowa...we wouldn't have met him or gotten to know him or the deal itself without BoeFly, so I'm very appreciative of that."

David Kahlhammer, Operations Supervisor of Stearns Bank

"The most volume that I'm getting right now from franchises is due to new products like the BoeFly platform. I've been very successful, as have others here, originating and closing deals that otherwise we never would have been introduced to. BoeFly has been very valuable as an alternative method of doing business; and its proven to me to be a great way to match people up that need to be put together."

Kevin Ellis, VP of Atlantic Coast Bank

"We are active with BoeFly, which for us is good because it's an inexpensive way for us to access the borrowers, and sometimes we're able to pass along some of the savings to the borrowers as a result"

Doug Bagnasco of United Business Lending

"BoeFly allows you to maintain your discipline on the credit side while on the sales side being able to reach out maybe a little farther, expand your boundaries, think a little out of the box, especially in this economy...BoeFly gives us, again, that reach that we wouldn't otherwise have."

Morgan Johns, Sr. VP of Conestoga Bank