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SBA Loans in Washington

Pre-Qualify for a SBA Loan

New Kiddie Academy Franchise Opening in Lacey, Washington

Lacey, Washington resident Michelle Glacken had always dreamed of owning her own business, and after 11 years as a first and second grade teacher she decided it was the right time to do just that. Although Michelle's teaching career was sufficient for a new business, she sought a partner to help with the operations. She did not need to look far to find her husband Steve who owns and operates a sheet metal company in Lynnwood, WA. With their recently combined skills the Glackens decided to open a new Kiddie Academy day care franchise in the neighboring town of Yelm.

"With my experience as a business owner and Michelle's background as a teacher, we knew Kiddie Academy was the perfect business for us to own."

However, they still needed to select the right location and find a child care center loan for a start-up business.

Finding the Right Location For a Business in Washington

Thurston County, WA which includes Yelm, is home to a range of child day care businesses from home daycare, churches and children's programs at the YMCA. Communities like Yelm are largely bedroom communities for residents working in Tacoma, Olympia and Centralia. Additionally, Yelm is home to a large amount of military families who were formerly stationed at Joint Base Lewis-McChord. Through her market study the Glackens and Kiddie Academy confirmed that the area was prime for a larger, recognized child care facility.

Finding a SBA Loan in Washington in Today's Economy?

Even with the Glackens vast experience they knew that obtaining a business loan would be a major hurdle. With Steve's business the most logical place to go would be his bank. However, the followed the suggestion of Kiddie Academy and BoeFly (Watch the Video), the online service that connects businesses with more than 5,000 lenders nationwide.. Thanks to BoeFly, the Glackens were approached by 13 banks and lenders online. Ultimately, they chose to work with and close a SBA loan through Anchor Bank, a reputable community bank in WA.

"This would not have been possible without the help of BoeFly's platform, which helped us secure a business loan in Washington quickly and easily."

SBA Loans in Washington - An Intelligent Approach to Simplified Lending

Instead of the traditional process of going from bank to bank and submitting multiple loan applications, the Glackens built their small business loan request securely online - complete with supporting documentation. The BoeFly platform works like™ only instead of matching those looking for a date, it matches business owners with lenders.

BoeFly accounts for all of the details in a loan request and matches a business with a commercial lender based on the credit preferences of the lenders. With over 5,000 national and local lenders on BoeFly, including banks that offer SBA loans , conventional loans, machine & equipment loans - and lenders that offer less conventional options like merchant cash advance, borrowers like the Glackens can find a serious lender quickly and efficiently. BoeFly enables a borrower to build one request online and can even help protect your credit by avoiding the multiple credit pulls that would typically happen each time a walk-in application happens at a bank.

Helping Business Owners Secure Business Loans in Washington

Mike Rozman, Co-President of BoeFly said "We're putting the borrower in the driver's seat," which certainly described the Glacken's experience. Many businesses can go through a long, time consuming process of one loan rejection after another, never finding a loan or only after a time-consuming, stressful process. BoeFly provides borrowers complete control over which lenders can access their loan request. The banks and lenders on BoeFly proactively look for lending opportunities, as opposed to sitting in a branch waiting for borrowers to walk in. The Benefit to the lenders is the time saved by being presented with only those loan requests that fit their lending profile, dramatically lowering their cost of origination. In many cases the banks and lenders pass that savings onto the borrower in the form of reduced loan fees and interest rates.

BoeFly believes in an open marketplace which allows borrowers to connect with a large amount of lenders who are interested in their loan. BoeFly is not just technology though - borrowers receive expert guidance in the form of our work with our concierge desk & premium services dedicated representatives (See how it works).

Franchise Brands Help Borrowers with Financing

"This success story proves the efficiency of BoeFly in getting our franchisees connected with the right lenders as conveniently as possible, and we will continue to rely on it as an effective resource."

Kiddie Academy currently has over 100 franchise units operating in 22 states and has an additional 80 units in various stages of new development. Like leading franchise brands, Kiddie Academy is a member of BoeFly and is at the forefront of the credit issue. "At Kiddie Academy, we offer our franchisees all the resources we can to support them in starting up and operating their child care centers for long-term success, and a large part of that support involves access to BoeFly, the proven financing platform," said Susan Wise, CFO and COO of Kiddie Academy.

Over 125 Franchise systems trust BoeFly to help borrowers find franchise loans, from large brands like Burger King, Dunkin' Donuts, Jackson Hewitt and Pearle Vision to smaller brands like Lenny's Sub Shop, Pita Pit, Wild Birds Unlimited and PostNet. Along with Kiddie Academy these brands know that financing is core to their franchisees as well as to the Franchise systems overall growth and have selected BoeFly to give their franchisees the best access to lenders in their local communities and nationwide.

Can I Find a Conventional Business Loan or SBA Loan in Washington Online?

BoeFly is bringing small business and commercial lending into the 21st century. We all use new and creative tools that allow us to access information, products and services through online marketplace platforms. Sites like, and are all good examples. BoeFly guide you through the process of building a professional, lender ready loan packages so you are positioned for success. While we will connect you with lenders in your local area with one request, the real power comes into play when we connect you with lenders 2000 miles away who lend across the country. From start-up loans to refinance, working capital, machinery and equipment and inventory - there is no business loan use that BoeFly can't handle.