Lending incentives help boost economy

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Nations Restaurants News

Experts say government policies encouraging loans can bolster business June 11, 2012 | By Sarah E. Lockyer As this year’s presidential race heats up, the intersection of politics and business is once again emerging as a major focus of the national debate. For the restaurant industry, politics and business intersect at several critical points — tax regulation, health care reform, menu … Read More

Starting a franchise takes enterprise

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  Many Michigan franchisees say they are turning to creative or untraditional techniques to boost small-business growth. While some bank financing is available, other methods such as crowdfunding via Sprigster, online matchmaking services such as BoeFly and old-school methods like borrowing from friends and family are helping to launch brands. Many franchises have startup requirements that cost from $5,000 to … Read More

Hotel franchises chasing SBA loans

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SBA lending has been low overall but high in the hotel sector, said Mike Rozman, co-president and chief strategy officer of BoeFly. Just 9.6% of SBA loans by dollar amount were extended to franchised businesses. But in that 9.6%, franchised hotel properties received 47.3% of all hotel SBA loans, according to the franchise lending index. “Within that industry, there’s been … Read More

Credit Lending on the Rise for Foodservice Industry

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Quick Service Restaurant Magazine

Although franchise lending has been fairly static from March 2011 to March 2012 and franchisee credit access remains below its long-run average, lending to franchisees in industries such as food service and hospitality has been greater than average. While just 9.6 percent of SBA loans analyzed by dollar amount were extended to franchise businesses, the most active industries witnessed greater-than-average … Read More

Tips for picking the right business loan

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Miami Herald

The size of your business, the purpose of the loan and how you operate your firm play a big part in the type of loan that’s available and right for you. Thinking about taking your business to the next level, or simply sustaining it through challenging times? You’ll need effective management, stamina and, most importantly, money. However, accessing funds for … Read More

Above-average lending to franchisees in food service and hospitality

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The Franchise Handbook

“We are very glad to see that franchise businesses, especially those in some of the largest sectors, are getting more access to capital over a long-term period, but the industry is still facing a shortfall in lending that has limited franchise growth and job creation since the start of the recession,” said IFA President & CEO Steve Caldeira. “Our hope … Read More

Know the real costs of starting a business

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CNN Money

Figure out the tab to get going. “Most entrepreneurs grossly underestimate startup costs,” says Pewaukee, Wis., financial planner Kevin Reardon. With less than 20 years to retirement, however, the effects of spending more than you’d intended will be keenly felt. Get a realistic appraisal by talking to owners of similar businesses. Remember, those startup costs include living expenses until you can … Read More

Crowdfunding: A Burgeoning Phenomenon to Raise Money For Some Enterprises

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The Huffington Post

Kiki Karpus invests in start-ups and emerging businesses ― well, sort of. Instead of choosing the companies based upon the likelihood of their success, Karpus’ investment is not for financial compensation. Rather, she and other young professionals are part of a growing phenomenon called “crowdfunding.” “As of today I have invested in 3 different kickstarters, all for different reasons,” Karpus … Read More

Bloomberg Radio: Franchise Lending Index

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BoeFly Co-president Mike Rozman and IFA’s CEO Steve Caldeira are interviewed on Bloomberg Radio’s The Hay’s Advantage with Kathleen Hays. Mike and Steve join Kathleen to discuss the newly released IFA/BoeFly Franchise Lending Index, a barometer into franchisee credit access. The Index was created through a strategic alliance between the IFA and BoeFly to expand access to credit and grow jobs.

Nation’s Restaurant News: IFA introduces lending template, funding index

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Nations Restaurants News

The International Franchise Association introduced new tools to help bridge the gap between banks and franchisees looking for financing, including a Franchise Lending Index and Franchise Lending Template, at its second annual Small Business Lending Summit last week in Washington, D.C. The index will measure franchise credit access on a monthly basis and was created in partnership with BoeFly.com, an online … Read More