The Huffington Post: Small-Business Lending Summit Features Obama Administration’s Top Appointees, Elected Politicians and Industry Leaders

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The Huffington Post

How do you get three of the Obama administration’s top appointed officials to speak at a day-long seminar? The answer is to tell them it is about job creation, small business and unlocking the availability of credit for businesses to form and expand — all hot election year topics. As a result, speakers at the April 17 Small Business Lending Summit in … Read More Small-Business Lending: Getting Better, Still Not Great

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The lending market for small businesses has shown signs of improvement compared to the nadir of the recession when small-business owners and entrepreneurs were virtually cut off from sources of capital. However, the capital markets for small businesses are by no means healthy and recovered. One new barometer of small-business credit shows lending to franchisees has been improving over the past year but still remains well … Read More

Restaurant Finance Monitor: Franchise Lending Is On The Upswing

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Restaurant Finance Monitor

Franchise lending ground to a halt with the credit crunch in late 2008 and has been coming back painfully slow ever since. But it’s definitely coming back. The latest evidence comes from the online lending site BoeFly, which today released its first Franchise Lending Index, along with the International Franchise Association, showing a steady increase in lending over the past … Read More

Marketwire: New IFA/BoeFly Franchise Lending Index Shows Steady Increase in Lending Over Past 12 Months

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 Franchise lending has steadily increased over the last 12 months, according to the new monthly Franchise Lending Index from the International Franchise Association (IFA) and BoeFly, the premier online marketplace connecting small business borrowers with lenders and a strategic ally of IFA to expand credit access within the franchise community. The Index was announced today at the Small Business Lending … Read More

Bank Innovation: BoeFly Brews New Franchise Credit Index

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Bank Innovation

 How’s your health? If you’re a franchise, you’ll soon be able to check your ability-to-access-capital pulse with a new index. Indeed, BoeFly, a company that has been serving as an online matchmaker for banks to source small business borrowers for some two years now, is readying an index whose data will help indicate the demand and volume for franchise small business lending. 

Blog Talk Radio: Small Business Lending Summit Preview

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BlogTalkRadio Logo

This week on Franchise Today, host, Paul Segreto, and co-producer, Joe Caruso welcome David Nayor, Co-President and COO, and co-founder of BoeFly, one of the primary hosts and sponsors of the upcoming Small Business Lending Summit in Washington DC on April 17th. David will provide his insight into the Summit as well as share his perspective on the current state of small … Read More