An Online Marketplace For Business Loans: The BoeFly Story

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BoeFly envisions an interconnected commercial transaction world that is efficient and simple. By bringing the parties involved together and the process online — at — not only does it aim to streamline such transactions, it also hopes to, at the same time, expand the reach of member businesses and individuals. The company, which was founded by small business lending … Read More

Firms With Collateral Gain an Edge

Jessica SarterBoeFly In The News


Companies that hold tangible assets like buildings or other types of property are getting a first look by banks, even when their cash flow and creditworthiness aren’t as strong as businesses with less collateral., which connects lenders to borrowers, says many of the 570 institutions that use its service are favoring loan applications from restaurants, hotels, manufacturers, retailers and … Read More

Bob Coleman Discusses BoeFly with Bobby Tannenhauser, the New Company’s Founder and CEO

Jessica SarterBoeFly In The News

Coleman Report editor, Bob Coleman, recently engaged BoeFly CEO and Founder, Bobby Tannenhauser, in an extensive interview about Tannenhauser’s history in the small lending industry and the birth and development of his newest venture, BoeFly. Tannenhauser discussed his days as CEO at BLX, then the nation’s second largest SBA lender, and his experiences there identifying inefficiencies in the small business … Read More