Streamlining Small-Business Loans

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Robert Tannenhauser compares to a well-oiled online dating service, with one exception – “We know the people are going to fall in love before they get together.” The online loan exchange connects commercial borrowers and banks in small-business loan originations and sales. It boasts a tally of 592 lenders in its short, seven-month existence. “We launched in March and … Read More

Boefly Surpasses the $1 Billion Transaction Mark

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Though only launched on March 17, 2010, Boefly, Inc. has already passed the $1 billion mark for transactions in just six months. Bobby Tannenhauser, President and CEO, recently sat down with Coleman Report editor Bob Coleman to discuss his success and what lenders can do at this time to stay on top. Read More – Coleman Report

Finding the Right Match

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The many complaints these days from banks that want to lend and small businesses that want to borrow suggest the two sides are having a tough time finding each other. But online loan exchanges like BoeFly and Biz2Credit say they can help. Both take loan applications from businesses and, using an automated system, match them with participating lenders. Read More … Read More

Online Lending Site Greases Wheels of Credit Market

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Perhaps you’ve heard: there’s a jobs bill on Capitol Hill, loaded with measures designed to jumpstart small businesses. A crucial component of the legislation is a $30 billion lending fund that community banks could tap into for cheap. Logic follows that community banks will lend that money to small businesses. All the bill requires is some goodwill among senators. Good … Read More

Need a Loan? Find a Lender Online

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Small business owners looking for a loan should try hopping online. A handful of companies including BoeFly and Biz2Credit are creating online marketplaces to connect small business owners with lenders. While the current economic climate has made it tough for small business owners to get a loan, there are banks with money to lend but simply can’t find the right … Read More