Digital Age Lending Embraces ‘Old Time’ Principles

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In addition to pressing the flesh, my mother told me not to slouch, look ‘em straight in the eye and dress “clean cut.” Although I never quite understood what clean cut meant, I don’t think she envisioned the dark, pinstriped, vested suits that I wore two decades ago during my commercial real estate and business financing career. Sure, the digital … Read More

SBA seeks more money for loans

Jessica SarterSmall Business Lending

The U.S. Small Business Administration has asked Congress for more than $1 billion in 2013 so it can continue to provide small business loans to entrepreneurs seeking funding, Entrepreneur magazine reports.

Obama’s Budget and an Unpredictable Congress Concern Business Owners – Jerry Chautin, Small-Business Mentor

Jessica SarterSmall Business Lending


Availability of Small Business Financing May Suffer from Political Wrangling. But Business Owners Who Prepare in Advance Can Become Positioned to Survive. Small-business owners are holding their collective breaths as President Barack Obama’s proposed budget wends its way through the politically-charged Congress.  It is as much the chief executive’s opening salvo, as it is his wish list. Moreover, it is a posturing … Read More