Dollar General stages a comeback

Jessica SarterFranchise Finance

The Dollar General chain renegotiated its long-term franchise loans after a year of solid sales figures, earning it another three years of repayment without having to struggle with a higher premium.

Matt Nemer, a security analyst at Wells Fargo, said that the company has seen nothing but revenue improvement, as the demand for low-cost products has been the same while consumers struggled with low income and unemployment. This is good news for franchise loan seekers who might want to get invested in Dollar General, especially during a troubling economic climate. If you're trying to find franchise financing, a loan marketplace like Boefly can get you started with a number of competitive lending options right online with only a few easy questions.

Other highly competitive franchises like McDonalds and Subway also experienced the same kind of push. The Chain Restaurant Industry Review experienced more consumer spending during the recession than grocery stores and full-service establishments, and sales at individual locations grew more than 3 percent. All of this makes restaurant owners more confident and willing to expand operations, invest in current properties and hire more employees. The National Restaurant Association found that 560,000 jobs have been created in the last two years alone, making it one of the fastest hiring industries in the country.

While other industries may not be doing as well, restaurant franchises are expected to add more than 1 million jobs and increase their market share by about 10 percent through 2020, with 39 percent of that figure expressly targeting fast food. If you're considering franchise financing to get in at the beginning of the trend, now would be a good time to take action.