Franchises showing strong growth trend

Jessica SarterFranchise Finance

Restaurants and personal services franchises are seeing an increase in physical presence, profit and output from last year this time.

A recent study shows consistent positive changes in the franchise market since 2009 and this trend is expected to continue in the coming year. The Franchise Business Report has projected that 2012 will see a 2.1 percent increase in GDP across the board for franchises, with almost the same amount of increase in consumer spending. Lending is also up 5 percent among business franchises so if you're looking for startup funds to get in on the franchise industry, a lending marketplace like Boefly may help you find the franchise loan that's right for you.

Restaurant financing may be a new bright spot for lenders and investors alike, with current reports showing American consumers are spending more money at fast food and chain establishments last year than they did in grocery stores. Quick service restaurants are still outpacing full service establishments but both are expected to see increases by next year this time. With sales growth at individual stores outpacing expectations, franchisees are more willing to consider new franchising loans and expansion of their current market share.