Technology to Help You Run Your Franchise Better

Mike RozmanFranchise Finance

Franchise owners are now able to streamline a variety of tasks using technological franchise resources, thereby running their businesses more efficiently.

The advent of smartphone and tablet technology has changed the franchising landscape. Franchisors and franchisees can now run many aspects of their franchises remotely, freeing them to get out of the workplace and multi-task.



For example, remote sales people can do much of their work on the road, from posting contracts to accepting credit cards, and even printing receipts, all from their mobile devices.

Many franchises have even created their own mobile apps, which allow customers to shop, view deals, make reservations or find out the franchise’s latest offerings. As people’s shopping habits change, these visionary franchise owners are taking full advantage.

With mobile devices, it has also become much easier to make sales pitches, using software like Microsoft PowerPoint or one of the newer presentation apps such as Prezi. Other apps, like Roambi, can help create instantaneous charts and graphs on a tablet.

Realtors, contractors and designers can all benefit from this interactive technology, since they can now carry all of their offerings and portfolios in one convenient place.

Other apps help franchisees with project management, including many options available for tracking progress and making deadlines. In many cases, employees are able to share and interact on projects without ever being in the same room.

Franchise Analyzer

Franchise Analyzer

These apps can also be used to communicate and interact with customers, allowing them to give input on projects before any final decisions are made.

For those at the business plan stage, the Franchise Analyzer can be a great resource. It is a free app that breaks down many of the requirements needed for starting a franchise, including, for example,startup costs and royalties. This app also has a feature that allows you to compare different franchise opportunities, and even gives you necessary contact information, so you can easily have your questions answered.

Owning a franchise can be a complicated affair, but with today’s technology, it has become much more manageable. As new apps and devices appear on the market, this trend is likely to continue for the foreseeable future, so if you are a franchise owner or considering opening a franchise, it is likely there are technological resources than can make your job easier.


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