Fox Business Channel’s Closing Bell with Liz Claman – Interview with BoeFly Co-President David Nayor

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BoeFly co-president David Nayor recently made an appearance on Fox Business Channel’s Closing Bell with Liz Claman. David and Liz discussed small business lending trends, how BoeFly helps small businesses connect with lenders, and the types of businesses currently receiving the most lender interest on the BoeFly marketplace.

David pointed out that one of the greatest difficulties standing in the way entrepreneurship is access to capital. The development of BoeFly, he pointed out, came as a specific response to that problem; it expands significantly the net a small borrower can cast in gaining access to potential lenders willing to finance a project.

Referring to BoeFly as a “small business matchmaker,” Claman spoke enthusiastically about the opportunities BoeFly is creating for small business owners to connect with lenders to secure the financing they need, much like matchmakers in the common parlance refers to those who connect single daters looking to meet. Claman also highlighted the improved efficiency that the BoeFly process offers, replacing the old method of having to physically go from bank to bank and basically beg landers to finance their project. Instead, small business owners can now post one loan request on a central online exchange and reach potentially thousands of lenders who they never would have otherwise been able to connect with.

Fox Business Channel’s coverage of BoeFly, and Claman’s interview of Nayor in particular, is but one small wave in the greater flowing current of attention that the online loan marketplace is generating. Whether it’s Fox Business Channel or the International Franchise Association or banks across the country or business brokers or small business entrepreneurs – institutions and people of all types are taking notice of the tremendous benefits that BoeFly offers and are giving credence to the accuracy of BoeFly’s vision that the small business lending landscape is ripe for transformation. BoeFly is going to be one of its most significant transformers – and everyone from borrowers to lenders to franchisors are going to improve their financing success rate as a result.


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