Historic St. Joseph Home Restored to Become Luxury Bed and Breakfast

Jessica SarterBoeFly In The News

By: William Seay

A bust of the Bard himself sits vigilant atop an elaborately decorated fireplace.

Twin dragons guard the staircase.

There’s stained glass at every corner.

The tile on the floor is just as elaborate.

“I think this is one of the most elegant interiors I’ve ever seen,” said Isobel McGowan, who bought the Victorian mansion in May of 2012.

McGowan bought the house with every intention of restoring it into a luxury bed and breakfast.

“We were fortunate that this house had been a bed and breakfast in the ’90s,” she said. “So a lot of the plumbing work, the bathrooms, and sleeping rooms were already there.  We didn’t have to do anything there except to make repairs and clean them up.”

The new owner and innkeeper has invested nearly $750,000 into the purchase and renovation of this home, which was built in 1885.

$500,000 of that money was secured through a website calledBoefly, which works almost like a dating service between borrowers and lenders.

“We were fortunate that we put our abstract out there and we were picked up almost immediately,” McGowan said, explaining that a bank in Kansas stepped up with the funding.

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