MSNBC’s “Your Business” Features BoeFly as Website of the Week

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The MSNBC show, “Your Business,” recently featured BoeFly as its website of the week, highlighting the benefits of BoeFly’s proprietary borrower-lender matching technology and focusing in particular on BoeFly’s newest tool, the Fundability Wizard. The show’s host, J.J. Ramberg, explained how BoeFly’s recently introduced Fundability Wizard helps prospective borrowers determine how many lenders would be interested in their loan request as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the loan request package itself.

Referring to the Fundability Wizard that is features prominently on BoeFly’s home page, Ramberg explains how the free tool allows you, as a small business borrower, “…to assess your prospective loan request and the odds that you can get some cash.” She goes on to explain how the Fundability Wizard requires only that a potential borrower enter some simple and basic information regarding his/her loan request in order to see how well the details of the loan request match with the profiles of more than 3,600 participating lenders.

The difficult process associated with seeking small business financing reduces the number of new businesses that actually pursue, and stick with, the task of getting their small business financed. The biggest question for an entrepreneur is: how “fundable” is my business? BoeFly’s Fundability Wizard, which requires less than five minutes to complete, instantly matches the information for compatibility with the lending preference profiles submitted to BoeFly by more than 3,600 participating lenders. The process does not require the submission of any personally identifiable information, nor does it result in a prospective borrower’s credit file being accessed.

You can click here to access BoeFly’s Fundability Wizard.

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