Preparing For Disasters

Jessica SarterBoeFly In The News

This past week in an article for The Weather Channel, Meteorologist Chis Dolce posted “there’s only one way to describe this week’s snowstorm – historic.”  The weekend’s weather set records for the month of October, with one to two feet of snowfall ,affecting everyone across the Northeast. Homes and businesses have been without power or heat, ranging all the way from the Mid-Atlantic to New England. Despite the inconveniences the recent storm brings, it also presented a business opportunity for both small and large companies alike. Hardware, convenience, and appliance related retailers are in high demand at the moment, with people flocking to purchase generators, shovels, firewood, and even tree removal services. As evidenced by the recent hurricanes as well, when weather related disasters come up, local economies are given a boost.

At BoeFly we realize that all industries must be prepared for disasters, like the weather. Small businesses must have  proper access to capital in order to respond to disasters and time sensitive opportunities. For example, a small business owner with the right working capital levels could take action in the face of historic weather events.  For example, a local hardware store can only rapidly stock-up and re-stock with generators and other inventory items when they have the capital readily available..   Leading small business owners rely on the internet services like BoeFly to access capital in order to take advantage of timely opportunities.