Pop-A-Lock Franchisee in Orange County Secures Start-Up Loan to Open Locksmith Service Franchise

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BoeFly connects San Clemente, Calif. borrower with Orange County bank for $233,000 SBA loan to open Pop-A-Lock franchise

New York, NY – BoeFly announced today that Arely Benavides, a Pop-A-Lock franchisee in San Clemente, Calif., secured a start-up SBA loan of $233,000 from a bank in Orange County through a connection made by BoeFly.

In her search for start-up financing, Benavides worked with David Grams, senior director of SBA funding at Benetrends, a company based in North Wales, Penn. that offers a full suite of funding options to help entrepreneurs get the financing they need for their small business or franchise.

When I started out in seeking the financing I needed, I wanted my search to be as efficient as possible, and that is why I chose to work with David Grams,” Benavides said. “I am very pleased to know that he used BoeFly’s technology to secure my loan in an environment where banks are able to compete.”

“BoeFly’s major value proposition for me as a small business financing consultant is that the platform allows me to securely control all of my clients’ information and connect with lenders I may not otherwise know in a very efficient way,” Grams said.

Benavides’ loan request received interest from several lenders across the country. After evaluating the financing offers, Grams chose to connect with a bank in the Orange County area.

Mike Rozman, BoeFly’s co-president, views this success story as an uplifting solution to the widespread issue of small business credit access in the U.S.

“Arely Benavides’ story speaks to a common issue in today’s tight small business credit market, as many small business owners nationwide find challenges in efficiently accessing the capital they need,” said Rozman. “Fortunately, BoeFly has helped her and many others efficiently secure financing to start up or grow their businesses, and we look forward to continuing to work with reputable consultants such as David Grams to help drive small business growth and create new jobs.”

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