Stevi B’s Pizza Selects Boefly To Assist Its Franchisees In Obtaining Franchise Loans

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Stevi B’s Pizza Buffet has announced a new partnership with BoeFly, the leading online marketplace for connecting franchisees with franchise loan lenders. The new relationship will allow, and in fact encourage, Stevi B’s franchisees to harness the BoeFly web site in order to connect with over 3,600 potential lenders who offer franchise loans.

Securing franchise loans has recently been identified as one of the most significant obstacles for small business entrepreneurs looking to open new or expand existing franchises. By using a proprietary technology to help match franchise borrowers with a multitude of lenders who offer franchise loans, BoeFly greatly increases chances for franchisees to secure the financing they need. BoeFly allows franchisees to post a single bank-ready loan request on a marketplace where more than 3,600 lenders nationwide can view non-proprietary information about the request and from there decide whether they would like full access to the deal. Therefore, instead of physically going from bank to bank and having to fill out information and submit documentation for each bank, franchise borrowers are now able, through BoeFly, to post one single application and upload documentation one time in order to get their franchise loan financing request in front of multiple lenders at once.

“By choosing BoeFly’s services we are increasing exposure to lenders nationwide and providing franchisees with easier access to financing, which should result in better growth opportunities for the Stevi B’s system and brand. Helping franchisees connect with the right lender through the Internet is an idea that’s right for the times and something every franchise operator should consider.” – Melissa McFarlin, Stevi B’s Director of Franchise Sales and Development

Stevi B’s is the nation’s only premium pizza buffet franchise, offering a unique selection of specialty pizzas in an adult- and children-friendly environment. It was founded in Atlanta in the laste 90s and was recently acquired by Argonne Capital, an Atlanta-based private equity firm. Stevi B’s has enjoyed much success and is looking forward to continue rolling out more franchises throughout the country – their new partnership with BoeFly will help make this possible.

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Stevi B’s Pizza Selects Boefly To Assist Its Franchisees In Obtaining Bank Financing – PRLog