Underwriting SBA Loans With Small Business Credit Score

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SBA Lenders Turn To SBSS For Underwriting Loans


Small Business Credit ScoreRegarding the Coleman Report last Tuesday, the SBA will be eliminating underwriting of SLA Loans starting July 1, 2014. The SBA is now allowing lenders to make deal decisions solely on a Small Business Credit Score.

Editor; Bob Coleman goes on to explain that the significant changes for underwriting SBA loans less than $350,000 is a motive to get capital in the “hands of entrepreneurs, especially the underserved.” These changes are ultimately meant to help streamline and simplify the lending process so that more borrowers have quick access to business loans.

With the new underwriting process “SBA’s total credit score will make it easier and less time-intensive for banks to do business with the SBA. This model is cost-reducing and credit-based. It ensures that risk characteristics – not socio-economic factors – determine who is deemed creditworthy.”

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