Valentine’s Day is Just Not for Lovers

Jessica SarterSmall Business


We all know that Christmas season sales can make or break a small business owner’s year and the same is true in terms of volume of sales for New Year’s Eve and Halloween.  However, would you think that Valentine’s Day, that “Hallmark-promoted” holiday would rank right up there with these major small business boom times? According to IBISWorld, total revenue for Valentine’s Day will be up 3.7% from 2013. I guess we  all believe in love after all!

Whether it’s florists, restaurants, chocolate shops, drug stores, hair salons, card shops or jewelry stores, people spend more money at local businesses than at other times of the year.

And Cupid won’t be the only one busy this Valentine’s Day; the holiday is no longer only for romantics.  Fathers, grandfathers, teachers, classmates, secretaries, friends and bosses alike, are now part of the affection and general appreciation received and given on Valentine’s Day.