Palmetto Twist Franchisees Secure SBA Loan With BoeFly

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Matt and Haley LaMarche are not newcomers to the corporate world. The couple spent years working their way up the corporate ladder—Matt as an executive at one of the nation’s largest insurance companies, and Haley as an early childhood educator. And while they were happy with their success, they always wanted the chance to run their own business. It was this dream that drove them to franchising, specifically with Palmetto Twist.

The couple knew the monogramming, embroidery and personalization franchise was perfect for them, but there was still one thing they needed to tackle in order to get their franchise off the ground: securing proper financing. That’s when Palmetto Twist introduced them to BoeFly.

The LaMarche’s worked closely with BoeFly’s team of dedicated financing experts, who specialize in franchise financing, to secure the SBA loan they needed to get their Palmetto Twist up and running.

 “As an emerging brand, we know that financing is a vital service for us to offer our new franchisees. The fact that by offering financing support we also differentiate ourselves from the pack of alternative brands is the cherry on top,” said Jereme Shelton, Palmetto Twist’s chief development officer. “We’re so pleased at how BoeFly met the financing needs of the LaMarches, our new Palmetto Twist franchisees. BoeFly is critical to our growth strategy.”

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