BoeFly Helps Veteran Secure Loan for Wayback Burgers

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When Navy veteran Darrell Gobble decided to open his own business, he was immediately drawn to the world of franchising and the option of joining an established brand with a built in support system for new franchisees. It was this notion that initially led him to UPS Store—his first business venture in the franchise world. After successfully opening and running his own UPS Store, he was driven to pursue multi-brand ownership. Gobble decided he wanted to diversify his profile, and was attracted to the Wayback Burgers franchise. But even with a background in franchise ownership, Gobble still experienced difficulty when it came to securing proper financing to get his Wayback Burgers off the ground.

“After owning my own The UPS Store, I was inspired to continue my passion of profitably serving my community under the flag of a leading franchise brand,” Gobble said. “Extensive research ultimately led me to select Wayback Burgers. I was a bit anxious about the financing process, but luckily Wayback Burgers directed me to BoeFly.”

Gobble worked closely with a dedicated BoeFly financing expert to guide him through the financing process, and ultimately help him secure an SBA loan to start his Wayback Burgers.

“I received great service from our BoeFly financing expert who made getting an SBA loan easy. I would recommend BoeFly to anyone who needs business financing,” Gobble said.

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