Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt Franchisees Secure Financing Through BoeFly

Jessica SarterSuccessful Fundings

orange leaf

Multi-unit Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt franchisees in Cincinatti, Ohio recently secured debt financing they needed from a lender they met through BoeFly’s online marketplace. After working with a dedicated BoeFly loan representative to build a complete, lender-ready financing request, the franchisees were able to tend to their yogurt businesses while their BoeFly representative triage’d the loan package with those lenders right for the deal. Orange Leaf is one of many franchisors that rely on BoeFly to help provide important financing support to its network of franchisees so that access to capital is provided as efficiently as possible.

“BoeFly is a valuable financing resource for both our new and existing franchisees,” said Geoff Goodman, President of Orange Leaf. “In the case of existing franchisees who need some working capital, but don’t have the time to shop around at numerous banks, BoeFly is a great option because it allows them to access liquidity all over the country with a single loan package. We’re proud to make this financing service available to our franchisees.”

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