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Toppers Pizza Franchise in Fort Worth, TX - Start-Up SBA Loan

With 22 years of business ownership and management experience and work in the medical industry, aspiring entrepreneurs, Jim and Heidi McGregor, decided to open a Toppers Pizza franchise in Fort Worth, Texas. The husband and wife team knew that in order to turn their aspirations into a reality they would need to secure financing.

“We have been open for business for about two months now, and it would not have been possible without the financing we secured through BoeFly,” said Heidi McGregor. “The process was clear and extremely efficient, and it allowed us to establish a relationship with a nearby bank that is funding our loan.”

When the McGregors submitted their loan request to BoeFly, they received several funding offers from lenders, and they ultimately chose to work with a Texas lender, who has eight years of experience in credit and lending. They secured an SBA loan for 360,000 for their start-up needs.

The McGregors used BoeFly at the recommendation of Toppers Pizza.

TCBY Franchise in Richmond, VA - Start-Up Loan

Husband and wife team, The Davises, used BoeFly for their start-up loan to bring Richmond, VA their first TCBY store. As founders of a packaging company, these seasoned business owners knew that they needed to spend their time smartly.

“As entrepreneurs, Les and I have learned the great amount of efficiency and resourcefulness required in the start-up process, and we have applied this in our search for financing as we prepare to open our first frozen yogurt store,” Claudia Davis said. “We found BoeFly to be an ideal solution that offered us a variety of funding options and connected us with a bank right in our area.” We’re thankful that Famous Brands International directed us to BoeFly to get a loan, it worked!

Papa Murphy’s Franchisees in North Carolina Secure SBA loan to Open Second Pizzeria

The Slaughenopt family has owned and operated a successful Papa Murphy’s franchise in Hickory, NC since 2011. Mark and Sharon own the store and their son, Alan, is the operator - it’s truly a family affair! The Slaughenhopts wanted to open a second store to expand their business to Charlotte, NC and Mark said it was important that “when we decided to expand and open a second store, Sharon and I wanted the process of seeking an expansion loan to be as efficient as possible, and Papa Murphy’s was very helpful in positioning BoeFly as a resource that helped us connect with a bank and secure the financing we needed. We look forward to opening our second location and bringing quality take-and-bake pizzas to our customers.”

When the Slaughenhoupts submitted their loan request to BoeFly, they received 14 funding offers from lenders as far away as Michigan and New York. They ultimately chose to work with a local bank.

Kiddie Academy Franchise in Lacey, WA - Business Start-Up

Owning a Kiddie Academy center seemed to be a natural fit for the Glackens’ backgrounds: Michelle taught first and second grade for 11 years, and Steve owns and operates Glacken Fabrication LLC, a sheet metal company in Lynnwood, WA.

“I have devoted the past decade of my life to childhood education as an elementary school teacher, and it is extremely rewarding to now be able to own and operate an educationally focused childcare center,” said Michelle Glacken. “This would not have been possible without the help of BoeFly’s platform, which helped us secure start-up financing quickly and easily.” Steve Glacken added that, “now that we have overcome the financing hurdle, we are excited to move forward and open up.”

When the Glackens submitted their loan request to BoeFly, they received several funding offers from lenders. They ultimately chose to work with Kasandra Jaquez a commercial banker from a community bank in Lacey, WA.

Hardees Multi-Unit Franchisees Secure 1.6 Million Dollar Loan to Refinance and Remodel

As experienced business owners, husband and wife team, Alexander and Julie Tischuk, knew that they wanted to find financing as efficiently as possible so they could focus on running their business in Tipton, Iowa. Luckily, Hardee’s pointed the Tishuck’s to BoeFly.

“As multi-unit Hardee’s franchisees, Julie and I needed to secure a large loan amount to refinance and remodel our restaurants, and BoeFly turned out to be the most efficient solution for us,“ said Alexander Tischuk. “The platform allowed us to connect with multiple banks throughout the country, and ultimately helped us secure a loan from a bank in a different state that we would not have connected with otherwise.”

After evaluating several financing requests from BoeFly, the Tischuks decided to connect with David Kahlhamer, SBA operations supervisor at Stearns Bank in St. Cloud, Minnesota.

Dunkin’ Donuts Franchisee to Open Second Location in Maryland - Business Expansion

As current owner and operator of a very successful Dunkin Donuts location in Hyattsville, MD, Ray Omar, with over 20 years of Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) experience and 15 years of corporate experience, looked to grow his business by adding another Dunkin Donuts unit to his portfolio. The new location added is in Greenbelt, MD.

“I looked for a loan for my first Dunkin’ Donuts on my own and I learned that the loan process was hard. But for my new Dunkin’ Donuts I used BoeFly to get a loan and I found the process incredibly easy. I wouldn't have met my lender, Morgan from Connestoga Bank without BoeFly, and now I’m set to open for business. I’ll be sure to use BoeFly every time I need financing,” said Ray Omar.

When Ray submitted his loan request to BoeFly, he received several funding offers from lenders. He ultimately chose to work with Morgan Johns, SVP from Conestoga Bank in Philadelphia, PA.

Franchisee of 101 Mobility Secures SBA Loan to Acquire Business

Jeff Franklin was interested in owning his own business, but first he needed financing. Jeff turned to David Grams, senior director of SBA funding at Benetrends based in Pennsylvania, to get some help. Grams, in turn used BoeFly to most efficiently seek financing for his client. BoeFly matched Jeff’s financing with a wide array of lenders, and he ultimately secured an SBA loan from an Ohio bank. Franklin, now franchisee of 101 Mobility in Massillon, Ohio states, “David Grams and Benetrends were immensely resourceful in using BoeFly’s platform to find me the best possible option for financing the acquisition of my 101 Mobility franchise. With the loan, I am able to effectively run the business and serve the mobility and accessibility needs of the local community.”

Husband and Wife Obtain Start-Up Funding for Wings Etc. Franchise in Illinois

Nancy and Dan Cappello, were anxious to open their first restaurant, a Wings Etc. franchise in their community of Antioch, Illinois. Fortunately for the Cappellos, Wings Etc., is a member of BoeFly, in order to assist its franchisees in seeking and securing financing. BoeFly helped navigate Nancy and Dan through the challenges of seeking and securing credit, ultimately connecting them with Tony Kim of Ridgestone Bank in Chicago.

“This was our first time seeking financing, and BoeFly worked wonderfully,” the Cappellos said. “The process was simple to follow, and when we had questions, the professionals at BoeFly were incredibly helpful. Without BoeFly, we probably would not have found our lender.”

Jackson Hewitt Franchisee Secures Working Capital Funding

Genaro Toro, a Berwyn, Illinois franchisee of Jackson Hewitt Tax Service, an industry leading provider of full service tax preparation services, was interested in securing working capital to help his business grow. Fortunately for him his franchisor Jackson Hewitt is a member of BoeFly in order to support its franchisees with their financing needs, pointed him to BoeFly where he created a comprehensive financing request that was then matched with numerous lenders. Toro decided to work with Chris Pepe of World Business Lenders located in New York. “I found BoeFly easy to use and it helped me find a lender 800 miles away.”

Expansion Loan Funded: St. Joseph, Missouri Inn Undergoes Restoration

Watch Video: Historic St. Joseph Home Restored to Become Luxury Bed and Breakfast

Isobel McGowan and Walter Keller required capital to reopen their bed-and-breakfast in St. Joseph, Missouri. The owners of the Shakespeare Chateau Inn and Gardens achieved their goal when BoeFly connected them with numerous prospective lenders throughout the U.S. The advantageous scope of BoeFly’s online marketplace allowed them to secure a $500,000 25-year loan and work with Deryl Schuster of Midwest Community Bank in Kansas. McGowan states, “Our vision for the landmark would never have been a reality without the adequate financing, and we are extremely glad that BoeFly connected us with a lender we never would have met otherwise.” BoeFly’s services help stimulate opportunity and growth for small business owners.

Manhattan, IL. Resident Effectively Obtains Start-Up Loan for Dry Cleaning Franchise

Vince Aversano of Manhattan, Illinois already owned a successful dental practice, but he was interested in expanding to own a Martinizing Dry Cleaning. Fortunately for Aversano, Martin Franchises Inc., franchisor and advocate of BoeFly, recommended BoeFly to. Aversano to most efficiently seek and secure financing. Aversano used BoeFly to build a complete financing request and to meet matching lenders, including Ridgestone Bank in his home state of Illinois. There he worked with Tony Kim, who states “As a longtime user of BoeFly, I know how valuable it can be in helping me find appropriate business borrowers.” Aversano efficiently secured an SBA-guaranteed loan for his Martinizing Dry Cleaning franchise located in Mokena, Illinois. BoeFly helps small business owners like Vince Aversano develop and grow by identifying interested lenders through an organized online process.

Funding: Franchise Restaurant in Spokane, WA - Refinance Loan

Gary Knudson of Spokane WA is a successful franchisee of Boston’s The Gourmet Pizza franchise who wanted to refinance his business debt. Gary knew that every minute he spent looking for a loan was a minute he wasn’t focused on his restaurant and guests. Fortunately for Gary his franchise system was a member of BoeFly, the online marketplace that efficiently connects business borrowers with lenders.

Boston’s The Gourmet Pizza franchise pointed Gary to BoeFly, ultimately allowing him to secure a loan from a local lender. “Thanks to BoeFly’s convenient service, I was able to connect with Washington Trust Bank, a lender right in my area,” commented Gary.

BoeFly Pairs Local Business With Local Banker

Funding: Great Clips - Start-up Loan

Anxious to run his own salon, Mohammed Azam decided to open a Great Clips franchise. Azam was very impressed with the support and training Great Clips provided, but first needed to secure financing.

Fortunately for Azam Great Clips is a member of BoeFly, the online marketplace connecting borrowers and lenders. On BoeFly he easily connected with eight lenders and secured an SBA guaranteed loan, in a short period of time. “Now that the salon is open, I am glad to provide jobs for the staff and stylists, and to offer our clients great service,” said Azam “Thanks to BoeFly, I was able to obtain the loan I needed to open my first Great Clips.”

Funding: Retail Store: Signworld (Business Opportunity), Start-up Loan

Charles Makarov, a former corporate executive, selected the Signworld business opportunity as his first entrepreneurial venture. He was diligent in selecting Signworld - he couldn’t have been more impressed with the state-of-the-art technology, training and support. But before he could get started he needed to secure start-up financing.

Fortunately Charles’s financing request was posted to BoeFly, the online marketplace that connects borrowers seeking loans with more than 5,000 business lenders. Thanks to BoeFly, Charles met a Dave Kahlhamer, a banker with Stearns Bank in St. Cloud, MN which is more than 1,000 miles from his future Alabama store, and secured an SBA loan.

Funding: Investment Real Estate, Multi-family apartment building, Refinancing

Management of the Ruxton Tower Limited Partnership was well aware that interest rates were at record lows, and was interested in securing a competitive refinance loan without the time-intensive hassle of going from bank to bank. Instead, they turned to BoeFly to most efficiently seek a refinance loan for its NYC apartment building.

BoeFly delivered by connecting partnership managers with 18 lenders, many in Manhattan but others as far away as California. The Partnership used BoeFly to secure historically favorable loan terms. What’s more, the borrower used BoeFly to securely and conveniently share documents to facilitate a smooth closing.

Funding: Essential Sealing Products, Inc. - Refinance Loan

Susan L. Pyle, President of Essential Sealing Products, Inc. a manufacturer of gaskets and sealing products near Cleveland, Ohio, was interested in expanding but first need new financing. Fortunately for Pyle her financing requested was posted to BoeFly, the online marketplace.

“I need to stay focused on manufacturing, not banking,” said Susan “The BoeFly team were very helpful in arranging my SBA loan, allowing me to expand my business with the capital I would have otherwise paid out as interest.” Twenty lenders requested access to the Essential Sealing Products loan package, giving Pyle a wide range of financing alternatives and time to focus on her business.

Funding: AlphaGraphics - Start-Up

Cindy and Ted Ferkenhoff, former corporate executives, were ready to start their own business. They specifically wanted to open an AlphaGraphics franchise, however first needed to secure financing.

Fortunately, the Ferkenhoff’s financing needs were posted to BoeFly, the online marketplace with more than 5,000 lenders. According to the Ferkenhoff’s representative BoeFly worked perfectly, “In the first week the AlphaGraphics deal was posted, a half a dozen banks requested access to the detailed package. I would not have found the bank which made the loan to the Ferkenhoffs, without BoeFly.”

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Funding: Carl’s Jr Multi-Unit Franchisee - Refinance Loan

BKI, founded by Bernard Karcher whose brother Carl founded Carl’s Jr., was the brands first franchisee, and now owns 25 Carl’s Jr. Restaurants. BKI used BoeFly to refinance.

“Using was easy and when I finished I had a bank-ready financing request,” said Jim Deuitch, BKI’s Controller. “This isn’t the first time we’ve sought and secured financing, but with BoeFly it was certainly the most efficient. I built one bank-ready financing request instead of having to go from bank, to bank, recreating a package for each one. And even more valuable than the efficiency factor, we were approached by more than 20 banks including the bank that funded our loan.”

Funding: Hotel in Ocean City, NJ - Acquisition Loan

Val Reyes is owner/operator of New York hotels in the 400 to 800 room range and also owns a bed-and-breakfast in New Jersey. Reyes identified a hotel in Ocean City, NJ to acquire but first he needed $2.9 million in financing.

Reyes could have worked with the existing mortgage-holder but instead his financing request was posted on BoeFly to explore more competitive terms. Reyes received three term sheets from BoeFly lenders and ultimately secured his acquisition financing from a community bank he met on BoeFly. The terms were far superior, for instance requiring $300,000 less cash injection. Reyes was thrilled with the BoeFly results.

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Funding: Franchise Quick Service Restaurant in Las Vegas, NV - Start-up Loan

After a successful career in the US Army, Craig Rector became a Quiznos franchisee to realize the American dream. He loved the Quiznos product and knew he could sell it proudly. But first he needed financing.

Craig turned to BoeFly at Quiznos recommendation. Craig used BoeFly to complete one financing request which BoeFly matched with the right lenders out of the over 5,000 which rely on BoeFly. Soon after, PMC Commercial Trust, nationwide commercial lender more than 1,200 miles from Craig’s Quiznos, stepped-up and issued Craig an SBA loan. Craig proudly serves amazing subs to his Vegas customers thanks in part to BoeFly.

Funding: Franchise Quick Service Restaurant in Cleveland, OH - Expansion Loan

After the local Subway franchise owner and his loan consultant, Joe Wojtowicz were denied a loan by more than five local banks, Mr. Lukasik chose not to wait any longer. He said he “robbed” his 401(k) of $100,000 to fund his third Subway shop, at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, while Mr. Wojtowicz continued the hunt for money.

This time around, the consultant took a different tact. He placed the request for a loan before banks hundreds of miles away - without traveling a mile. In mid-October, Mr. Lukasik closed on a $300,000 loan with a Chicago bank in a deal struck on BoeFly, a new Internet site.

Funding: ‘Healthcare Staffing Business in New York, NY’ - Working Capital Loan.

Infinite Personnel, a New York City-based full service, temporary healthcare staffing company providing staff to local hospitals, nursing homes and other medical providers had been seeking a loan for close to a year without any success. Then, President of Infinite Personnel, Cary Weiss, and his professional loan broker, Chris Miller of Evergreen Equity posted the loan to BoeFly and success was achieved.

Infinite Personnel’s loan request was mathced to 11 interested lenders by BoeFly, in the first few days after the loan was posted on BoeFly’s loan marketplace. The loan was funded not long after by a bank half way across the country. Weiss couldn’t be happier.

Funding: ‘Contractor Supply Business in Beloit, KS’ - Working Capital Loan, Expansion

Direct Wholesale Inc, a Beloit, KS company prides itself on meeting the needs of leading contractors in Kansas and Nebraska. When Kurt Furwell, 15 year owner, began searching for financing he didn’t imagine BoeFly, an online exchange, would connect him to a Kansas community bank.

After posting on BoeFly, Furwell connected with many local, regional and national lenders and secured a loan from Midwest Community Bank in Plainville, KS. President and CEO of the bank, Deryl Schuster, emphasized, “My bank goes to where our customers are, and we know that busy entrepreneurs like Kurt depend upon the efficiency of the internet and BoeFly.”

Funding: ‘Franchise Pizza Restaurant in Rochester, MN’ - Start-Up Loan

Myron Allen of Rochester, MN was excited to open his new Topper’s Pizza, a fast growing pizza franchise, but needed to secure financing. Fortunately, Myron selected a franchise system that supports franchisees throughout the entire process - including financing. Toppers pointed Myron to BoeFly where he was guided through building a bank-ready financing request and matched with eight interested lenders.

Myron secured an SBA loan from a local lender and is on schedule to open his first Toppers. “BoeFly was easy to use and I was impressed with the lender matches. I’m grateful that Toppers positioned me to access BoeFly and clear this critical hurdle.”

Funding: ‘Specialty Retail Business in Rock Hill, SC’ - Start-Up Loan

Bird-lover, Lauren Mobley, was excited to open her Wild Birds Unlimited, a leading specialty retail franchise servicing bird aficionados. However, first she needed to secure financing. Complicating matters, Lauren was moving and didn’t know banks in her new community.

Fortunately, Lauren selected a franchisor that pointed her to BoeFly where she was provided with the tools and recommendations to build and position a bank-ready financing request. “This is my first time seeking a business loan and BoeFly gave me all the tools to accomplish this critical task,” said Lauren. “I’m really pleased Wild Birds Unlimited made BoeFly available and thrilled I met Palmetto Bank.”

Funding: ‘Franchise Business in Illinois’ - Expansion loan

Dan Moran, owner and operator of two Wing Stop locations in Northern Illinois knew his franchise was ready for growth. However, he needed financing. “When I looked for financing for our first Wing Stop the process was terribly frustrating. Going from bank to bank, having to repeat our story was inefficient,” said Dan.

Fortunately, Dan researched and selected BoeFly for recommendations on building and positioning a bank-ready financing request, to ultimately receive a match for financing. “I’m really excited to expand the Wing Stop franchise,” said Dan. “It’s happening because of my ability to close my loan with a lender I found on BoeFly.”

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